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Dr. Denise's New Book - “The Appetite Connection” (Price $15.00 plus S&H)

The Appetite Connection







In The Appetite Connection Dr Denise offers a brand new way of viewing the concepts of Appetite and hunger. She offers a life-changing perspective on the function of your Appetite and how a new understanding can forge dramatic emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Her six step healing process is a profound yet simple list of behavior changes that will irrevocably alter your life for the better:
  • understand why you overeat
  • stop the blame game
  • take 100% responsibility
  • gather your tools
  • craft your personal plan
  • honor yourself

These steps take you on a spiritual journey that leads through the self-questioning and self-discovery needed to determine what your Appetite is telling you and how to attend to your underlying needs so you can work with your Appetite in your own very best interest.

As a bonus... the book will be personally signed by the author!


Dr. Denise's Book - “The Taming of the Chew” (Price $15.00 plus S&H)

The Taming of the Chew


This book is thoughtful, easy-to-read and combines practical holistic knowledge with compassion and common sense. People often remark that it speaks directly to them and their experience. Let Dr. Denise's words of wisdom empower you with the ability to understand the causes of your overeating and then to take action to permanently change self-defeating behavior, leading to a life of balance and zest!

As a bonus... the book will be personally signed by the author!


Dr. Denise's Books - “The Taming of the Chew ” and “The Appetite Connection” (Price $26 plus S&H)





The perfect duo!  Both books at a great low price!

As a bonus... each book will be personally signed by the author!






Stop Emotional Overeating CD (Price $13.00 plus S&H)

Stop Emotional Overeating


Millions of people overeat in an attempt to numb unpleasant feelings with food. The challenge is to understand why so many billions of us do this and then to learn ways to stop! You can experience your feelings without anesthetizing yourself with sugars and simple carbohydrates. Let Dr. Denise tell you how and then help you to figure out what you really need –( hint: it usually won’t be food!).




The Appetite Connection – A 4 CD Set (Price $28.00 plus S&H)

The Appetite Connection 4-part tele-class


These CDs are of a 4-part tele-class led by Dr. Denise outlining many of the critical concepts found in The Appetite Connection: Six Steps to Your Delicious Life and The Body You Long For. These CDs will help you understand how your appetite transmits important messages to help you move forward. This set is a perfect companion to Dr. Denise’s book The Appetite Connection.


Hidden Weight Gain Factors
2-CD set (Price $43 plus S&H)

Hidden Weight Gain Factors


These CDs are loaded with practical information about factors that can cause weight gain, even if you're doing everything right! Hormones, including excess insulin, liver toxicity, food sensitivities and stress are some of the culprits. Dr. Denise and Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, both renowned experts in the field, join forces to give you great tips for balanced, successful, permanent weight loss.



Taming Your Chew CDs
(Price $13.00 plus S&H)

90-minute CD


Achieve balance in your relationship with the food in your life! A complete guide to understanding the physical, emotional, social and spiritual reasons for overeating and discovering ways to stop. The CD contains a 90 minute talk by Dr. Denise. It addresses a professional audience but is equally useful as a clear self-help guide for anyone concerned with food control issues.


Combo Package 1 (Price $50 plus S&H)

Order both and save
Hidden Weight Gain Factors & Book


Order both Hidden Weight Gain Factors & Book.







Tip Booklet #1 - 25 Tips to Help You Stay on Track through the Summer Sizzle (Price $5.95 and delivered immediately via email)


Summer means beach parties, barbecues, special treats and often a few extra bulges where you don’t want them. Use these tips to stay healthy and on target so you can enjoy summertime without sabotaging yourself!



Tip Booklet #2 - 25 Tips for Back to School Days and Your Return to Healthy Choices (Price $5.95 and delivered immediately via email)


Moving into the fall is a great time to regroup and rethink your health. Let Dr. Denise help you through the transition into shorter days, climate changes and radiant health!



Tip Booklet #3 - Happy Halloween Hints – Tricks not Treats (Price $5.95 and delivered immediately via email)


This time of year can be devilish with all those mini candy bars, candy corn and bags of sugar. Don’t be a gobbling goblin! Use these tips to help you resist the temptation.



Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit (Price $24 plus S&H)

The three Bach Remedies contained in the kit effectively improve appreciation of your body (Crab Apple), help you remain in control when things get tough (Cherry Plum) and aid you in your progression toward a healthy weight by helping you learn from your “mistakes” so you don’t keep repeating unhealthy, counter-productive behaviors (Chestnut Bud). Try them today and see for yourself!

Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit and The Taming of the Chew (Price $35 plus S&H)

Combining The Bach Emotional Eating Kit and Dr. Denise’s popular book The Taming of the Chew is an effective way to move out of the self-destructive eating patterns into a life of balance and joy – free from overeating.

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